Bochnia Salt Mines

The town of Bochnia is located 40 kilometeres (25 miles) driving East from Krakow. Bochnia is one of the oldest Polish cities. It dates back to 13th century which also is consider as a beginning of salt mining at this area (year 1248). After eight centuries of salt output Bochnia Salt Mines is an amazing tourists destination visited by tourists from all over the world.
Apart sightseeing underground chapels, sculptures and mining machineries it offers much more attraction like:
  • return ride with mining elevator to and from the Sienkiewicz level - 230 meteres underground
  • ride by underground train
  • slide between to 2 levels (140 meteres long) - it's possible to use stairs instead of slide
  • boat cruises on undeground brine lake
  • multimedia show on the tourist route presenting the history of Bochnia Salt Mines
  • football and basketball pitch located 250 meteres underground
  • parties with night stay at the underground hostel for a bigger groups

  • Bochnia Salt Mines Tours

  • Bochnia Salt Mines is located about 45 minutes driving from Krakow. Tour usually lasts 4,5 - 5 hours in total
  • With a few exceptions (1st Jan, 1st day of Easter, 1st Nov and 25th Dec) our Bochnia Salt Mines Tours are available all year long
  • Pick up time is flexible but to avoid traffic jams we recommend pick up about 9:30am
  • There are no regular tours in foreign languages in Bochnia Salt Mines. It costs 125 PLN to hire guide speaking in English, German or Russian.
  • Ticket costs: from November to March: normal - 22 PLN, student - 18 PLN. From April to October: normal - 31 PLN, student: 24 PLN
  • Underground tour lasts about 2,5 hours. Boat cruise takes about 1 hour extra
  • Temperature in the Bochnia Salt Mines is constant all over the year - about 14 Celsius degrees (57.2F)
  • If you are running out of time it's possible to combine Bochnia Salt Mine tour with pick up or drop off at Krakow or Katowice Airport.

  • Costs
    Costs of transportation depends on number of people in a party. To get an exact quotation please Contact Us

    Salt Mine in Bochnia or Wieliczka?

    Both mines are impressive but different. Salt Mine in Wieliczka is like an art Museum where you can admire many underground chapels, sculptures and another monuments created by miners through the centuries. Salt Mine in Bochnia provides also lots of entertainment including: ride by an underground train, boat cruises, 140 meteres long slide and playground for kids with football-basketball pitch. In Bochnia, for bigger groups it's also possible to organize night stay (about 80 PLN per person - adults, 60 PLN - students) that is an unique experience and could reduce costs of your stay in Krakow.

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    Krakow Salt Mines - Bochnia
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