Snowmobiles Tour from Krakow

Escape from Krakow into the wild and experience unique day in Polish Mountains. Feel the power of snowmobile ploughing throug snow with ease of lynx. Thrust your instinct but don't forget about proper counterbalance to stay on top of the beast.
We do our trip in the most beautiful but also most extreme part of mountains. So get ready for adrenaline shot, unforgettable experiences and astonishing views.
Snowmobiles can carry two people but to safely tackle most impressive route we stronly recommend to go alone on vehicle. No matter you take 1 or 2 hours trip, there is always break on the halfway to take a rest, pictures and admire stunning panorama of Tatra Mountains and Podhale.
Once your off-road adventure is finished it's a time to chill out at thermal baths,located only 10 minutes away from snowmobile base. Thermal Pools is a huge complex with large selections of pools, jacuzzis, slildes and other attractions all in hot minteral water.
To avoid noisy kids during winter holidays, we also recommend to visit Saunarium which is quiet and fairly empty even in high season.

Snowmobiles and Thermal Pools - Private Tour from Krakow

  • This tour is highly dependable on weather but usually we start after Christmas and operate till end of March. If there is no snow, we can try to do buggies or quad bikes instead.
  • Total duration of the tour is 8-9 hours depending on chosen option
  • There are two routes available for offroad: 1 hour and 2 hours
  • After off-roading you can have a lunch at local restaurant but there is also restaurant and water bar at thermal pools
  • You will have about 3 hours at thermal pools which. There are 3 zones ( Fun, Relax and Saunas). Entry to Saunas is extra paid if you wish to use it.
  • It's also possible to combine this tour with a visit in Zakopane town - which is very popular tourist destination.

  • Important notes:

    - Snowmobiles are easy to operate but also easy to tip over, especially at turns and on uneven steep terrain. Having passenger on your back makes things even worse so we defenietly recommend to ride alone, so you can easily and efficiently counterbalance with your body weight.
    - It might be very cold up there. Don't forget winter jacket, gloves and neck warmer. Hat is not necessary as you will receive balaclava and helmet.
    - As thermal pools charge and extra fee for renting towels it's good to have ones from hotel. Also don't forget about swimming suit and flip flops


  • Cost of the tour depends on number of participants and chosen route ( 1 or 2 hours ). Please contact us with details to get a best quote for this trip!
    To optimse costs you can also combine this trip with transfer to/from Zakopane

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    Video from the tour on snowmobiles

    If there is any question You would like to ask please don't hesitate to Contact Us
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