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Bored with everyday life and need adrenaline rush with legendary guns in your hands? Come to Krakow with your mates and feel the power of greatest guns at professional shooting range! You don't need any permission nor license to shoot such guns like: AK47 Kalashnikov, Magnum, Desert Eagle, Uzi, Mossberg Shotgun and many others pieces you could see in action movies before! Our company provides private and door to door shooting trips to and from the best shooting ranges around Krakow and Katowice Airport. Your English speaking driver will be your guide and explain how everything work.

Krakow Shooting Trips
There are several shooting ranges around Krakow we highly recommend to go. All of them are located within 1 hour driving from Krakow or Krakow Airport. Trip to the best one is the most expensive (in terms of transport) but we think you won't regret it! - they charge only for ammo and targets - so in total you will shoot more for less money! After arrival you will have a brief training about safety rules, how to load, reload and use guns ;) Please remember that instructor will forbid you shooting if you're drunk or behave like one so it's better to have a party after your trip not before.
Our shooting range is opened from 12PM to 10PM - pick ups in Krakow or airports from 11AM to 7PM

Guns you will shoot
There are about 50 different guns you are allowed to shoot during your shooting trip from Krakow. Below you can see a list with the most popular ones:

Hand Guns:
- Glock 17, 19 and 21
- H&K Expert
- Sig Sauer 226
- Tokariew wz. 33 - favorite gun of Russian Mafia
- Taurus .357 Magnum - Dirty Harry's piece
- Desert Eagle .357 - the most powerful pistol

Pump-action shotguns:
- Mossberg
- Maveric
- Benelli

Machine Guns and Rifles:
- Scorpion Evo
- M4
- AK47 Kalashnikov
- MP-38 from WW2
- Mosin Nagant from WW2

Price depends on number of people, chosen package ( or used ammuntion ). Please let us know how many people you're, what and how many rounds you wish to shoot and we will get back to you with the best offer and outstanding service!
Check video with coolest moments from our

Compilation of videos from our tours to shooting ranges:
Krakow Shooting Range
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Krakow Shooting Range
Krakow Shooting Magnum
Krakow Shooting Range
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